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Gives melody. You create the accompaniment

Unprecedented Features

  • Provides a wide variety of styles, rhythms, embellishments, chord arrangements & progressions

  • Innovative, accompaniment samples encourage creativity

  • Possible accompaniments are suggested before every melody

  • Nomenclature with Letter, Roman numeral and creative symbols

  • Effective review, at the end of each book, ensures understanding

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KA Preparatory


  • LH single note accompaniment for RH melodies.
  • RH solid chords for LH melodies - often on weaker beats for syncopation.
  • Harmony that can be reduced to 3rds between the hands.

“Taking the Challenge” sections are included in each book. These are folk songs and dances to which the student adds accompaniments consistent with what has been previously practised. These songs have assigned marks and a certain score suggested before proceeding to the next book.

84 Pages - 30 original melodies/songs; 26 folksongs

$15.00 CDN
(plus shipping)

KA Basics A


  • a repertoire of chord variations with abbreviated names. Ex. Stretch AB-SN.
  • embellishments such as Chromatic Drops, Augmented 5ths, Suspensions.

This book is divided into two sections with an opportunity for evaluation at the end of each section. The many melodies/songs are in major and minor keys up to and including two sharps and two flats

100 Pages -33 original melodies/songs; 23 folksongs

$20.00 CDN
(plus shipping)

KA Basics B


  • more styles and rhythms. Some styles include Latin, Cowboy & Blues.
  • embellishments with variations, Ex. Passing Notes and Turn Variations.

All the books have interesting musical and life quotes. At times, the melodies/songs and lyrics are enlightened with amusing images.

104 Pages - original melodies/songs and folksongs

$20.00 CDN
(plus shipping)

KA Basics C


  • Completing the KA and MA series, you will have the foundation and technical skills to create accompaniment for any melody that you would like to play

102 Pages - original melodies/songs and folksongs

$20.00 CDN
(plus shipping)

KA Basics Set

Includes all the above books.

390 Pages

$75.00 CDN

KA Basics Set
with Melody Adventures Basics

The MA BASICS books support KA BASICS Set with full arrangements for many of the tunes that are melody only

540 Pages

$85.00 CDN

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